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Who We Are

The Asian Canadian Educators Network's mission is to fight against racism, and serve as the voice for advocacy on educational issues and concerns related to Asian Canadians.

A Step Forward!

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To download this resource check out our page here.

ACENet is proud to have created, in partnership with ALPHA Education this resource for supporting the education of Asian Canadians!

The creation of this resource is a recognition of the compelling need to address diversity in learning resources: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, songs, films with the diversity of Canadian students; and the importance of connecting school learning with learners’ community-embodied knowledge and their lived experiences.

With texts, about and by Asian Canadians, as the nexus, this resource equips and supports educators and administrators to see possibilities in the curriculum. This resource enables learners to reach back into their histories, reflect on their peoplehood, and make meaning with their communities as an important part of moving into the future as engaged Canadian and global citizens.

Addressing the gap in Asian Canadian perspectives in curriculum expectations, learning resources, and activities is a necessary step in the right direction of shifting learning that includes Asian Canadian voices as part of culturally relevant and responsive learning for all students, not just those who identify themselves as Asian Canadians.

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Addressing Asian Hate:

Response to the Atlanta Shootings

We have added a page on our website dedicated to reflections and responses to the shootings.

Addressing Asian Hate: Responding to the Atlanta Shootings

ACENet, March 19, 2021


The tragic loss of precious Asian lives in Atlanta, USA was an act of Asian hate. The Asian Canadian Educators Network (ACENet) mourns with the victims’ families, the senseless murders of eight innocent lives, of which most were Asian women. Asian hate cannot be tolerated and must be combatted.


Though we are torn by the hurt and loss of these murdered victims, we are now even more committed to combat anti-Asian racism. Many Asian Canadians are suffering with grief and sorrow as well as  living in fear. Together, we are calling on all Canadians to speak up, speak out and to #StopAsianHate. 


These victims were killed because of racism. We pay tribute and honour them by listing their names:  


Daoyou Feng: 44-year-old

Hyun Jung Grant, 51-year-old

Suncha Kim, 69-year-old  

Soon Chung Park, 74-year-old

Xiaojie Tan, 49-year-old

Delaina Ashley Yaun, 33-year-old

Yong Ae Yue, 63-year-old 

Paul Andre Michels, 54-year-old 

Elcias R. Hernández-Ortiz, 30, injured


This act of Asian hate can traumatize Asian students, educators and families.  We encourage individuals who are experiencing trauma due to these events, to seek support from organizations below:


Hong Fook | WoodGreen | Kids Help Phone | CAMH

Rallying in Solidarity

The month of March has seen an increase in horrific acts of violence against the Asian and Pacific Islanders communities.  In response, organisations and communities across North America have come together to rally in solidarity against Asian racism.  Rallies occurred in cities across Canada: Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto, Coquitlam, Victoria, and Vancouver.


ACENet is proud to have joined Toronto's rally.

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Acenet rally.jpeg
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