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Dedicated to Education  ⚪    Advocates for Equity    Voice for Asian Canadians


ACENet currently has three active committees that seek to fulfill ACENet's mission for advocacy on educational issues and concerns related to Asian Canadians through school and society.  The committees are comprised of multi-disciplinary individuals who have worked in educational settings.  Both committees are looking for motivated individuals, who share in ACENet's vision, to aid in our fight for social justice and equity.

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Leadership &Professional Development

The  Leadership and Professional Development Committee is focused on:


1) Building a collective consciousness about the experiences of Asian students, educators, and community as related to educational systems in Canada.


2) Increasing the capacity of educators to identify and address barriers to equity and access of opportunity and experience.


3) Creating opportunities for affirmation of identity and community through professional learning.

Teacher and Student

The Teaching and Curriculum Committee is focused on:

1) Reflecting on the history of Canadians and of Asian ancestry in its intersectional and diverse capacities. 


2) Critically examining the damaging stereotypes of Asian Canadians. 


3) Building an understanding and to explore the different diversities of what it means to be Asian.

School Bus

School & Community 

The School and Community Relations Committee is focused on:

1) Engaging and reaching out to build understanding and empower action on issues impacting Asian communities.

2) Working in allyship and solidarity with communities and organizations in the dismantling of racism and all forms of intersectional oppressions.

3) Advocating for and working with youth to build and sustain social justice. 

School and communit
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