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The Beginning.

"In the spring of 2011, a group of educators representing a strong range of expertise began a rich dialogue. Realizing a common journey in education, we forged a path for advocacy and voice. Our deep insight and shared vision designed the foundational cornerstones for ACENet: Asian Canadian Educators Network. Connecting through Asian identities, we have used our profound individual and collective experiences within education to build a network to impact change for educators, students, families, and communities."

–  Founding President, Padmini Padiachy

ACE Net launch 019.jpg

Public Launch.

In the spring of 2012, ACENet held its public launch at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.  The inaugural theme and message of the organization were as follows:  

Today, we collaborate and advocate as a group of educators, passionately committed to equitable, inclusive education.

“Collective Insight, Collective Voice” highlights educational perspectives and priorities of Asian Canadians, the largest racialized minority community in Canada. ACE Net serves the interests of equitable and inclusive education by building capacity through effective community, parental and educator collaboration to advocate and address education, schooling and social issues which impact our large and diverse community.





We would like to acknowledge the founding members whose advocations and contributions towards anti-Asian racism, during a period when anti-Asian racism was widely unheard of and otherwise not taken seriously, has been instrumental to the current work and success of ACENet.  These people have paved the way for future ACENet members and anti-Asian racism work in education systems at large.

Our heartfelt thanks to our Founding members (March 31, 2012):

Sylvia Au

Roland Sintos Coloma

Ranjit Khatkur

Howard Kwan

Marissa Largo

Kien Luu

Judith Ngan

Padmini Padiachy

Sheena Resplandor

Tony San Juan

Rebecca Tam

Sandy Yep

ACENet history.png

Original Team.

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