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Member Spotlight

This page is dedicated to spotlighting the accomplishments of our members inside and outside of their role in ACENET and the educators who have successfully used ACENet content in their school and classroom.

Joshua Lim OISE Spotlight

ACENet's Secretary, Joshua Lim, has been involved in various organizations while on his journey to becoming an Ontario certified teacher.  His involvements, such as Co-president of the Master in Arts in Child Study and Education program at OISE, have earned him a feature spotlight on the OISE website.

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Montreal Gazette

ACENet's Vice-President, Sandy Yep, has been integral to ACENet since its inception in 2012.   Sandy's personal and familial history in Canada has been a driving force for his current activism.  Sandy's feelings toward Montral's Chinatown, his former home, is recounted in the following article by the Montreal Gazette. 

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